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The viewer shows the most recent contracts where you can click link through to individual block detail.

Knowledge base:

This is the group of primary, side, public and private blockchains where key information resides. Actors, Assets, Assignments, Addendums, Agreements, Accounting and Addresses.
Glutinum Version
(fork).(version) The version of the blockchain. Glutinum is latin for glue / paste. Current version mapped to !.
The primary contract identifier for interoperability purposes.
Forward version
Hash that secures the integrity of the previous block height using brought / carried forward accounting methodology.
Child of
If recorded shows the parent contract else it is the parent or original contract. Iteratitive versions are children.
Created date
The date time when the contract was first created.
End date
The date time when the contract was deleted. No more addendum or assignment appends can occur.
Owner and creator of the contract.
Assigned actors given certain rights.
Records partial private keys and locations of underlying fragments.
Record of binding legal contracts.
Metadata and other referenced to the contract data that maybe variable in nature such as client, internal reference and device logs.
The ongoing cost (monetary and ethically) of the contract, node operation and file storage. Using AI, the nodes will ensure this is kept to a minimum and satisfies current ESG targets.
Natural, non-natural actors who can participate.
When the block was created (+UTC).
Key control
Private keys and encryption passcodes are derivatives of static and variable device data.
Splice control
Validates the fragmented files. At rest encryption is dynamic and continual. stores blockchain data. It doesn't use cookies (apart from a sessionid cookie) or use or collect or harvest any personal data. @auuscloud London UK. 2020.